The z-series of the mainframe has transformed the integrated concept of the mainframe by adding a dash of expertise and compactness to it. The server can now be fit into a 19-inch rack space, which is about the size of any other common server. Let us have a look at the attributes of the system that will allow it to make a permanent space in the cloud data centers. The latest range of z14 contains the ZR1, which is an improved version of the z13.

The throughput is also improved by 10% while the memory has been bloated to 8 TB. An extra space of 16U is added for storing excess input. With the incorporation of an extra cooling system, external cooling is not required. The Basics of z14 ZR1 mainframe Z14 ZR1 is the entry level of z14 that has a core 30, 8,036 MIPS. The memory is of 8 TB and can accomplish more than 850 million transactions a day. The latest mainframe is a cloud-ready design that is based on a single frame. Along with cloud data centers the member of the z14 family is also appropriate for the private cloud environments.

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